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Knihy Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické

Molecular Biology of the Cell

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2014, 1392

As the amount of information in biology expands dramatically, it becomes increasingly important for textbooks to distill the vast amount of scientific knowledge into concise...

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Real-time PCR - M. Tevfik Dorak

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2006, 333

With a variety of detection chemistries, an increasing number of platforms, multiple choices for analytical methods and the jargon emerging along with these developments,...

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Biology of Cancer

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2013, 960

Thoroughly updated and incorporating the most important advances in the fast-growing field of cancer biology, The Biology of Cancer, Second Edition, maintains all of its...

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Art of Game Design

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2008, 520

Anyone can master the fundamentals of game design - no technological expertise is necessary. The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses shows that the same basic principles of...

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Software Testing - Paul C. Jorgensen

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2013, 494

Titul je viazaný na špeciálnu objednávku, ktorú nie je možné vrátiť (platia Všeobecné obchodné podmienky)! This updated and reorganized fourth edition of Software Testing: A...

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The Daily Drucker - P. Drucker

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2004, 500

A powerful new learning tool for the ambitious, self-directed manager, entrepreneur, or business person today, The Daily Drucker distils the essence of management guru Peter F....

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Toyota Production System - T. Ohno

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 1988, 152

In this classic text, Taiichi Ohno - inventor of the Toyota Production System and Lean manufacturing - shares the genius that sets him apart as one of the most disciplined and...

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Quick Changeover for Operators - S. Shingo

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 1996, 96

The Shopfloor Series puts powerful improvement tools in the hands of an entire workforce. And now Productivity\'s all-time bestseller, A Revolution in Manufacturing: The SMED...

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The Archetypes and the Collectiv - C. Jung, C. Jung

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 1991, 480

The concept of Archteypes and the hypothesis of A Collective Unconscious are two of Jungs better known and most exciting ideas. In this volume - taken from the Collected Works...

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A Revolution in Manufacturing: The SMED System Shigeo Shingo

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 1985, 383

Written by the industrial engineer who developed SMED (single-minute exchange of die) for Toyota, this title presents an overview of this powerful just in time production tool....

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Today and Tomorrow - Henry Ford

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 1998, 286

This title is winner of the 2003 Shingo Prize! This classic, authored by the world\'s most famous automaker, reveals the thinking that changed the industry forever. First...

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The Creative City - Charles Landry

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2008, 352

Shows how to think, plan and act in addressing urban issues, with examples of innovation and regeneration from around the world.

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Techniques of Grief Therapy

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2012, 408

Techniques of Grief Therapy is an indispensable guidebook to the most inventive and inspirational interventions in grief and bereavement counseling and therapy. Individually,...

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Eastern Europe in the Tw R. Crampton, R. Crampton

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 1997, 552

Covering all key Eastern European states and their history right up to the collapse of communism, this second edition of Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century – And After is...

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History of Zonaras

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2011, 318

While an exile from Constantinople, the twelfth-century Byzantine functionary and canonist John Zonaras culled earlier chronicles and histories to compose an account of events...

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Creating a Lean Culture (Third Edition) - David Mann

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2010, 316

The new edition of this Shingo Prize-winning bestseller provides critical insights and approaches to make any Lean transformation an ongoing success. It shows you how to...

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Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2014, 404

Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar provides an innovative reference guide to Mandarin Chinese, combining traditional and function-based grammar in a single volume. The Grammar is...

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The Conquest of Happiness - B. Russell

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2006, 200

The Conquest of Happiness is Bertrand Russell's recipe for good living. First published in 1930, it pre-dates the current obsession with self-help by decades. Leading the...

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Creating Powerful Brands

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2010, 496

This has long been the one book that students can rely on to get them thinking critically and strategically about branding. This new fourth edition is no exception. The...

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Thoracic Imaging

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2014, 212

Written by two of the world\'s most respected specialists in the field, Thoracic Imaging: Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Radiology, Third Edition brings you completely up to date...

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Marketing Communications

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2014, 444

Marketing Communications provides a comprehensive overview of every aspect of marketing communications, from social media, advertising, PR and sponsorship to direct selling and...

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TPM: Collected Practices and Cases

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 144

Equipment downtime can bring a lean manufacturing operation to a complete standstill. Total productive maintenance (TPM) is fundamental to lean implementation as machine...

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European Union Law: Text and Materials Damian Chalmers

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2013, 1000

As the preferred choice of both teachers and students, this textbook offers an unrivalled combination of expertise, accessibility and comprehensive coverage. The new edition...

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Learning to Teach Foreign Languages in the Secondary School

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2013, 424

Learning to Teach Foreign Languages in the Secondary School has established itself as the leading textbook for student teachers of foreign languages in the UK and...

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Understanding Philosophy of Science - J. Ladyman

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2001, 304

Few can imagine a world without telephones or televisions; many depend on computers and the Internet as part of daily life. Without scientific theory, these developments would...

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Standard Work for the Shopfloor

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2002, 112

Standard work is an agreed upon set of work procedures that effectively combines people, materials, and machines to maintain quality, efficiency, safety, and predictability....

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Earth in the Balance A. Gore

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2007, 432

Al Gore leads the charge against climate change, the world's greatest threat. This book lets you know Gore.

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Kaizen for the Shopfloor

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2002, 112

Anotace: Kaizen, which simply means continuous improvement, is the foundation of all lean production improvements. Kaizen events are opportunities to make focused changes in...

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TPM for Every Operator

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 1996, 137

TPM for Every Operator covers the information that needs to be communicated to operators when facilitating a company-wide TPM initiative. It covers the main aspects of TPM,...

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Structural Equation Modeling with MPlus - B. Byrne

Taylor & Francis Ltd, anglické, 2010, 430

odeled after Barbara Byrne’s other best-selling structural equation modeling (SEM) books, this practical guide reviews the basic concepts and applications of SEM using Mplus...

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