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Knihy Taylor & Francis Ltd, 320 - 471

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J. Freeman - Gifted Lives

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 328, 2010

Reveals the dramatic stories of twenty outstandingly gifted people as they grew from early promise to maturity in Britain. This book also reveals the

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Pompeii and Herculaneum - A. Cooley, M. Cooley

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 352, 2013

The original edition of Pompeii: A Sourcebook was a crucial resource for students of the site. Now updated to include material from Herculan

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Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 384, 2007

Produce professional level dialogue tracks with industry-proven techniques and insights from an Emmy Award winning sound editor. Gain innovative solut

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Real-time PCR - M. Tevfik Dorak

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 333, 2006, anglické

With a variety of detection chemistries, an increasing number of platforms, multiple choices for analytical methods and the jargon emerging along with these developments,...

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The Textile Conservator's Manual - S. Landi

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 364, 1997

Provides a review of the practice, ethics and materials used in textile conservation. Concentrating on decorative art objects from the major cultures,

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NATO's Secret Armies - D. Ganser Operation Gladio

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 336, 2004

This book tells the story of NATO's secret anti-communist stay-behind armies that had been set up by the CIA and MI6 after World War II in all countri

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Ableton Live 9 K. Robinson

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 436, 2013

Learn how to create, produce, and perform your music at the next level by unlocking the power of Ableton Live 9. This book and web combination show

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Getting Started in ZBrush

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 336, 2014

Getting Started in ZBrush is a gentle introduction to ZBrush, today's premier digital sculpting program. Beginning with the fundamentals of digital sc

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Textual Poachers - H. Jenkins

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 424, 2012

The twentieth anniversary edition of Henry Jenkins's Textual Poachers brings this now-canonical text to a new generation of students inter

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The Routledge Atlas of the Second Worl - M. Gilbert

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 328, 2009

Charts the war's political, military and social history through 257 maps. This title covers the major events from the German invasion of Poland, Stali

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On Aggression - K. Lorenz

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 320, 2002

Konrad Lorenz was the author of some of the most popular books ever published about animals, including Man Meets Dog and King Solomon's Ring. On Aggre

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A Revolution in Manufacturing: The SMED System Shigeo Shingo

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 383, 1985, anglické

Written by the industrial engineer who developed SMED (single-minute exchange of die) for Toyota, this title presents an overview of this powerful just in time production tool....

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The Creative City - Charles Landry

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 352, 2008, anglické

Shows how to think, plan and act in addressing urban issues, with examples of innovation and regeneration from around the world.

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3Ds Max Modeling for Games A. Gahan

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 380, 2011

There's a trend towards sylized, comic-style art, with the wave of 3D movies (a la Pixar ). This title covers stylized comic-style art. It offers modeling techniques,...

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Genome Stability - J. Haber

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 396, 2014

Genome Stability: DNA Repair and Recombination describes the various mechanisms of repairing DNA damage by recombination, most notably the repair of c

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Drawings in Assessment and Psychotherapy

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 320, 2014

Kniha napsaná v cizým jazyce. Je velmi čtivá. Vhodná i pro trénování cizího jazyka.

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Techniques of Grief Therapy

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 408, 2012, anglické

Techniques of Grief Therapy is an indispensable guidebook to the most inventive and inspirational interventions in grief and bereavement counseling and therapy. Individually,...

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The Rule of Metaphor - P. Ricoeur

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 454, 2003

Paul Ricoeur is widely regarded as one of the most distinguished philosophers of our time. In The Rule of Metaphor he seeks 'to show how lang

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Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 404, 2014, anglické

Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar provides an innovative reference guide to Mandarin Chinese, combining traditional and function-based grammar in a single volume. The Grammar is...

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Wine Marketing - C. Hall, R. Mitchell

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 376, 2007

Contains chapter that includes the following features: 'how to' and 'how not to' case studies based on international examples; a guide to further reading and websites; and...

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Age of Justinian (Evans J. A. S.)

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 360, 2000

A readable and absorbing account of the great Emperor Justinian detailing the social structure of sixth-century Byzantium and Justinian's wars which r

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Global Terrorism

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 392, 2013

The spread of terrorism is perhaps the greatest threat facing the world today. Attacks have occurred in growing numbers during the past fifty years. T

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Introducing Neuropsychology

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 408, 2008

Investigates the functions of the brain and explores the relationships between brain systems and human behaviour. This book presents developments in neuropsychology and...

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Theories of the Digital in Architecture

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 456, 2013

This is a comprehensive volume exploring theories of the digital in architecture, highlighting important thematic connections across design, architecture, digital models,...

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Audiovisual Translation

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 376, 2014

Audiovisual translation is the fastest growing strand within translation studies. This book addresses the need for more robust theoretical f

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Palaeolithic Origins of Human Burial

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 320, 2010

Humans are unique in that they expend considerable effort and ingenuity in disposing of the dead. Some of the recognisable ways we do this are visible

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GPU Pro 4

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 382, 2013

GPU Pro4: Advanced Rendering Techniques presents ready-to-use ideas and procedures that can help solve many of your day

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Making Sense of Education

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 320, 2002

This title provides a contemporary introduction to the key issues in educational philosophy and theory. Exploring developments as well as important id

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Taylor & Francis Ltd, 320, 2013

This book presents the work of internationally renowned experts in the fields of Buddhist scholarship and scientific research, as well as looking at t

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Taylor & Francis Ltd, 384, 1992

Sebastian is young, handsome and romantic, the heir to a vast and beautiful English country estate. He is a fixed feature in the eternal round of lavish parties, intrigues and...

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